ECDIS Manual

The ECDIS manual has been written by ECDIS navigators for ECDIS navigators. The manual is about sharing best practice and ensuring that the transition is efficient and safe. The principles of navigation have not changed, but the art of navigation has. With the right training and to some degree the right ECDIS, you can replace paper charts with an ECDIS in all operating conditions – even when GPS is unavailable, contrary to common misconception!

This manual, in conjunction with the leading ECDIS experts, manufacturers, international organisations and leading societies, has ultimately been the hard work of the author Mr Peter Thornton MBE. Consisting of 3 parts, the main section of 448 pages details the transition to digital navigation, and in many cases shows how differing ECDIS Systems present similar data and with over 500 colour images and screen-shots to guide you each step of the way.

Accompanying the main section is an 80 page symbol guide of Electronic navigational Charts (ENCs) and a 286 page book of Reference guidance from IMO and flag States concerning ECDIS and its implementation and use onboard ship.

The ECDIS Manual, published in 2012, represents the most complete guide available for the mariner making the transition from paper to digital and to support a vessel’s transition to digital navigation in accordance with IMO, IHO, Flag State, PSC, ISM, SMS and SIRE requirements.